Kershaw Health


KershawHealth provides many educational experiences to students and adults.  Please review the opportunities below and click on the link that best represents your interest.

  • Are you high school age or older, and interested in an experience observing (or shadowing) someone in a particular job?
    Click here for more information.
  • Instructors, would you like to conduct clinical learning on a unit at KershawHealth for a group of 2 or more students? Please call the Education & Student Coordinator at (803) 713-1223 for more information.
  • Are you required by your college, school, or other program to complete individual clinical hours, and are interested in doing so at KershawHealth?
    Click here for more information.

For more information about healthcare careers and the healthcare industry, go to the South Carolina Hospital Association's Be Something Amazing website

A special thank you to the South Carolina Hospital Association for making the education section of this website possible.