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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Have you recently experienced a heart attack, bypass surgery, stent placement, or heart valve surgery? Then you may be eligible for Kershaw Health’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Kershaw Health’s Cardiac Rehab Program is designed to help people with coronary artery disease address their health issues and achieve a healthier lifestyle. The program utilizes a multifaceted approach including telemetry monitoring, exercise, diet modification, smoking cessation, and health education.

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The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Kershaw Health consists of two phases that a person who is experiencing heart disease may go through.

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Phase II begins shortly after discharge from the hospital, and requires a Physician’s order to participate. Phase II typically lasts 3 months and is generally covered by most insurance policies. Exercise is a key component in Kershaw Health’s Cardiac Rehab Program. Stationary Bicycles, Treadmills, Rowing machines, Elliptical Trainers, and Nusteps are all utilized to help restore fitness levels. During Phase II, participants will be monitored continuously with a telemetry monitor, as well as frequent blood pressure checks. Each participant will have the opportunity to meet one on one with a registered dietician to discuss heart healthy eating habits. Educational sessions will be offered on a weekly basis, covering a wide variety of topics related to heart health and exercise. Some of the classes offered include Home Exercise, Medications, Risk Factors, Stress Management, Relaxation techniques, and Dietary goals.

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After completing Phase II, participants have the option to continue participating in Cardiac Rehab on a self-pay basis. For a small monthly fee, participants are able to continue to utilize the Cardiac Rehab gym and have access to the program staff for any questions or concerns that may arise.

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The Cardiac Rehab Program utilizes multiple disciplines in order to achieve optimal health for the participants. The staff includes a cardiologist, registered nurse, exercise physiologist, and registered dietician.

After your physician refers you to the program, an initial interview will be scheduled where you will get an in-depth orientation to the program and have any questions answered. The program is located at KershawHealth Medical Center.

Stephen Miles, CEP
Program Director

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
6:15am - 4:45pm