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Sleep Quiz

Test the Quality of Your Sleep

Take this simple test to help determine if you are experiencing one or more of the following sleep disorders. Print this list and check any of the following symptoms you may have experienced:



___ Sometimes I have difficulty falling asleep.

___ Thoughts race through my mind sometimes and this prevents me from sleeping.

___ I feel afraid to go to sleep.

___ Sometimes I wake up during the night and can’t go back to sleep.

___ I worry about things more often than I should.

___ Sometimes I wake up earlier in the morning than I would like to.

___ I often lie awake for half an hour or more before I fall asleep.

___ I feel sad and depressed more often than I would like to.

If you marked three or more boxes in this section, you show symptoms of Insomnia, a persistent inability to fall asleep or stay asleep.



___ I’ve been told that I snore.

___ I’ve been told that I stop breathing while I sleep, but I don’t remember when I wake up.

___ I have high blood pressure.

___ My friends and family say they have noticed changes in my personality.

___ I am gaining weight or I am overweight.

___ I sweat excessively during the night.

___ I have noticed my heart pounding or beating irregularly during the night.

___ I get morning headaches.

___ I have trouble sleeping when I have a cold.

___ I suddenly wake up gasping for breath during the night.

___ I fall asleep easily during the day.

___ I seem to be losing my sex drive.

If you marked three or more boxes in this section, you show symptoms of Sleep Apnea, a life-threatening disorder which causes you to stop breathing repeatedly - often several hundred times per night - during your sleep.



___ I feel sleepy during the day even though I slept through the night.

___ When I am angry or surprised, sometimes I feel like I’m going limp.

___ I have fallen asleep while driving.

___ Sometimes I feel like I go around in a daze.

___ I have experienced vivid dream-like scenes upon awakening or falling asleep.

___ I have fallen asleep during physical effort.

___ I sometimes feel like I am hallucinating when I fall asleep.

___ I feel like I have to cram a full day into every hour.

___ I have fallen asleep while laughing or crying.

___ I have trouble at work because of sleepiness.

___ I sometimes have vivid nightmares soon after falling asleep.

___ I fall asleep during the day.

___ No matter how hard I try to stay awake, I often fall asleep anyway.

___ Sometimes I feel unable to move when I am waking up or falling asleep.

If you marked three or more boxes in this section, you show symptoms of Narcolepsy, a lifelong disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks during the day.



___ I have experienced muscle tension more often than I would like to.

___ I have noticed (or others have commented) that parts of my body sometimes jerk.

___ I have been told that I kick at night.

___ I experience aching or “crawling” sensations in my legs.

___ I experience leg pain during the night.

___ Sometimes I can’t keep my legs still at night; I just have to move them.

___ I awaken with sore or achy muscles.

If you marked two or more boxes in this section, you show symptoms of Nocturnal Myoclonus or Restless Legs Syndrome, a disorder characterized by pain or “crawling” sensation in the legs.

Get Help

If you show symptoms of any of these disorders, or are experiencing difficulty sleeping, get help. Talk to your physician about this test or any other symptoms you have. To receive evaluation from the Sleep Diagnostics Center, patients will need a physician’s referral and pre-certification from insurers. Costs relating to evaluation are covered by most insurance plans. Don’t go another night, or day, without getting the help you need. A better night’s sleep awaits you.